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The mining and steel making industry invests in some of the world’s most challenging construction projects. In today’s conditions, in order to create value, companies must strive for a relentless structure in their construction approaches.

Large construction projects face increasing costs. Thus, companies must strive for high rates of efficiency in terms of their cost structure. In other words, every monetary unit spent has to be spent thoroughly. This, however, is not the easiest thing to keep up to.

Levoxx Services

EngineeringErection Planning

Organizations in minerals and metals have to deal with large CAPEX and risky projects. Thus, decreasing the potential for tremendously increasing costs, delay and downtime is not an option. The delivery of projects in time and on budget is essential. At Levoxx we supply clients with solutions that comprise leaner construction approaches, reduce costs, improve productivity and save time.

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Levoxx Construction Project Services support in all phases

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Levoxx Solutions in Mining and Steel Making

Our people are experienced in the planning, erection and commissioning of steel making, cement production and mining facilities. We have worked globally in constructions of coke plants, sinter plants, blast furnaces, firing and refractory installations, dedusting plants, steel mills, desulphurization and casting plants. From this it follows that our specialists provide deep understanding and broad expertise that supply a project with the necessary best practice approaches.

Capabilities & Solutions
Functional Practices in Mining & Steelmaking
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Inspection services (acoustic/infrared/visual)
  • Furnace assessment & repair recommendations
  • Procurement refractory & steel components
  • Site management
  • Construction management and coordination with local partners
  • Maintenance and repair services
Key Success Factors
What we strive for in Mining & Steel Making
  • Increase furnace availability
  • Reduce mill downtime
  • Minimize risk of downtime overruns
  • Minimize interface engineering / construction
  • Minimize interface between distinct areas and disciplines
  • Optimize installation and logistics methodologies
  • Zero-tolerance in terms of occupational health and safety


Erection Planning

Project & Construction Management


Our services in engineering comprise basic and detail engineering, structural analyses, stress calculations, process designs, documentation and simulations for many types of construction projects. Our engineering puts 100% emphasis on a client’s long term value creation.

In this discipline we assess relevant construction methods and their impacts on site engineering, context, time, cost and finance. Especially with respect to large capital investments and numerous applied construction methodologies every activity must be efficient while effective.

A project’s management needs to identify the project’s sweet spot. Our experts deliver project & construction management in all phases of a large scale construction project. As a result, the project entails widespread expertise and broad experience in house that pave the way for sustainable project performance.

Decision makers need the best possible advice for their decision making since their decisions largely lever long term returns of invested capital and future cash flow. Your experts, our experts, one team and one aim. Our recruiting experts find added value for your team, either as a freelancer or in a permanent contract.

Integrated steel mill

Permanent supply of industry expertise, problem solving competence and proactivity

More than 80 people for seven years
Location: Brazil

For a project in Brazil we supplied more than 80 people over seven years.In detail we supplied:

  • Harbor

    Specific site management for structural analysis

  • Coke plant

    Site management, specialist site managers for civil engineering, steel structure, static equipment and pusher machines, refractory and QA/QU

  • Sinter plant

    Site management and specialist site management for civil engineering and conveyor systems

  • Blast furnace

    Site management and specialist site management for steel structure, mechanical erection, refractory, piping, hot blast system, granulation (gravel and sand), cooling systems, the two blast furnace conveyor bridges, gas cleaning and dedusting

  • Melt shop, caster and slab yard

    Site management and specialist site management for steel structure, piping, slab yard and erection planning

Additional services

For the entire plant we supplied Manpower being responsible for the entire materials handling, processing and conveying, OPI (open package inspection) for more than 350000 tons, development, operation and supervision of warehousing.

Insights, problems and solutions

At that time, experienced welders were a scarce resource. To solve this problem, we supplied 40 highly skilled welders and welding engineers for 24 months and developed an on site training center educating welder on the basis of ASME that finally welded the blast furnace and the hot stove shell, for example.

Further, our colleagues developed the entire blast furnace erection concept by means of the degree of preassembly, weights, dimensions, load cases and erection methodologies. Without any progress on site, we had to develop a transportation and lifting concept incorporating crane positions for the entire project duration – especially important since the vulnerable ground conditions had to be supported by intensive piling activities that were defined on the basis of the resulting pressures as a result of lifting and transportation.

Our aims for large scale construction projects in power generation industries.

(1) Design

  • Designs that foster long term value creation

    In engineering and design our approach focuses on the creation of value for client’s power generation projects.

(2) Risk Management

  • Know how much it will cost before a project kicks off

    Through our scenario, potential and risk analyses we assess construction methods and their associated risks and outcomes in diversified contexts and environments

(3) Procurement and Contract

  • Have exactly what is needed at fitting conditions and perfect timing

    The results from the assessment of appropriate construction methods prior to project kickoff paves the way for excellence in procurement and contract management.

(4) Global Experience

  • Benefit from our global experience

    Our experts provide global experience in construction project planning, execution and commissioning. This in mind, global experience encompasses expreriences from more than 40 nations. This experience and market expertise will show the direction towards scare resources in partially remote areas all over the globe.

(5) HR-Structure

  • People are the primary source for value creation

    As many of our professionals have worked on construction projects Levoxx will supply colleagues that will appear solutions orientated and contribute to the performance of our client’s teams. In addition, our knowledge management and research experts will support our people and their projects throughout the world.

(6) Feasibility

  • Our suggestions have one thing in common: They are feasible, efficient and produce added value

    Our services and standards are checked on validity and stress-tested on whether they remain topnotch quality. We strive for nothing less than maximum performance and productivity in planning, construction execution and commissioning. 


  • Your experts, our experts, one team and one aim

    Together with our clients we strive for reductions of costs and expenditures. In other words, we want to keep CAPEX in CAPEX-intense projects to the lowest possible value. From that it follows that we have one aim only: To assist our clients in their value creation through construction projects. 


Beyond traditional boundaries: Levoxx is your co-worker in transformation.

Each of our client’s assignments provides us with the unique possibility to produce added value together with our clients, shape standards, implement reasonably and enable long lasting impact.

Our solutions assist to look beyond conventional project management.

Levoxx’s Large Scale Project Approach (LLSPA) is deeply embedded in our working methodologies and comprises eight areas that drive a construction project’s success, deliver a project in time, on budget and at quality requirements.

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We are committed to offering efficient effectiveness, permanently.

Our client services comprise an extraordinary composition of deep industry and functional expertise. We partner with global construction projects. Our services aim to deliver optimal planning, frictionless execution, transformation and peak performance operations.

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