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We have done many projects for clients in the mining and steel making industry. In detail we supply specialists that serve your projects through functional activities paired with industry knowledge. We have worked globally in all kinds of steel making projects. Particularly, we are experts in the fields of refractories. On the right hand side you may assess various impressions from refractory projects.




Our services in appliable market:

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Inspection services (acoustic/infrared/visual)
  • Furnace assessment & repair recommendations
  • Procurement refractory & steel components
  • Site management
  • Construction management and coordination for all disciplines and in in combination with local partners
  • Maintenance and repair services

Aims in our applicable industry practices:

  • Increase furnace availability
  • Reduce plant/furnace/mill downtime
  • Minimize risk of downtime overruns
  • Minimize interface engineering / construction
  • Minimize interface between distinct areas and disciplines
  • Optimize installation and logistics methodologies
  • Zero-Tolerance in terms of occupational health and safety