Levoxx Knowledge Management

Satisfaction is not an option, stagnation inconceivable – Thus, enhance performance and move forward. 

As stated in our recruiting services section “The higher a project’s complexity, the higher the need for skilled people”. This principle applies. Therefore, at Levoxx, we work with an established knowledge management system.

We use tools, systems and our diverse composition of education and culture to reflect and improve our performance. Constantly.


In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty the one source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.

Knowledge management is acknowledged as a driver for innovation, efficiency and thus, for competitive advantage. Especially project based environments are known to benefit from knowledge management as they are highly time-restricted and often have
knowledge intensive outputs.

Our knowledge management system emphasises especially the importance of knowledge management in engineering for revenue growth, shorter design and production times, resulting in higher customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

For us, the identification, optimization, and active management of intellectual assets creates value, increases productivity and produces a sustainable competitive advantage.


Our knowledge management process strives to shape talent closely linked to business needs, understand client trends, develop great leaders, generate synergies and build an excellent teams.


Beyond traditional boundaries: Levoxx is your co-worker in transformation.

Each of our client’s assignments provides us with the unique possibility to produce added value together with our clients, shape standards, implement reasonably and enable long lasting impact.

Our solutions assist to look beyond conventional project management.

Levoxx’s Large Scale Project Approach (LLSPA) is deeply embedded in our working methodologies and comprises eight areas that drive a construction project’s success, deliver a project in time, on budget and at quality requirements.

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We are committed to offering efficient effectiveness, permanently.

Our client services comprise an extraordinary composition of deep industry and functional expertise. We partner with global construction projects. Our services aim to deliver optimal planning, frictionless execution, transformation and peak performance operations.

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